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Friday, April 23, 2010

That only what i can say.. why?
I cant even say something to YOU
I cant even touch YOU again..
I need YOU..
Really- really need YOU..
I still wondering.. why YOU throw me away...
But.. I wondering...
You still not sure to say.. " I HATE YOU " to me..
If YOU hate me.. so much..
Why don't YOU just tell me.. those words..
Let me know the truth ..
If YOU hate me...
Just let me know..
It may stop my suffering..
And i will not disturb YOU anymore..

How could i through this emotion..
This feeling...
I'm human..
Just ordinary human..
A young man..
that doesn't know anything about this..
Young man that couldn't standing by he's own..

I losing myself...
Don't even know..
Where myself gone..
I don't know happening to me..
It's just BANG!!!
Then its happen!!
All of this appear in front of me..

All people around me..
Look at me...
They keep asking me..
But i still keep this.. as secret..
I can't let those words open from my heart..
To my mouth...
I can't let them know about all of this..

Every night..
My eyes..
Open clearly..
And suddenly..
Some tears..
I know.. but..
Just let it out..
Those promise...
It's just for them...
I couldn't pay those promise...
What can i do now..
Just wearing this mask..
To make them think...
How happy i am..
And let them know..
I'm okay right now.
The truth?
Who know?


siddiq said...

hahahahhha..(laugh to put some strength on u)

Syn Wesley said...

diq.. count on me


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